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Edie_sm_v2 Ida Teiti owner and founder of Tiare Teiti has been in the custom clothing industry for 4 years. She started out by designing and sewing for herself and her daughter. Throughout this process, her family and friends began requesting that she do the same for them. Having no formal training in the clothing industry, she was self taught and honed her technique and unique designs through personla trial and error. Having great taste in design didn’t hurt either.

Simply put, she designed clothes that she wanted to wear based on her own personal taste and designs that she wanted to feel on herself.

Here at Tiare Teiti customer service is priority one. We want our customers to feel like they are visiting our home when they enter our store. From offering simple refreshments to personal advice and information on the proper techniques and use of our styles and fabrics, we care about only one thing. Insuring that when you shop here at Tiare Teiti, you’ll feel like you’re shopping in our own personal closet.

You’ll be greeted personally by Ida Teiti on most days or our very own authentic polynesian staff. Living, loving and sharing our Tahitian heritage to everyone is why Tiare Teiti was created.

The desire to bring femininity back to the female . Our unique designs are soft, flowing with a standard emphasis on elegance. Our unique, sophisticated designs in such a way as to enhance a woman’s curve while keeping her comfortable. Making a woman feel sexy and elegant was paramount.


Miko of Tahiti works and designs exclusively for Tiare Teiti. Ensuring that there are no other outlets or stores that carry Tiare Teiti’s unique looks and designs. Our prints are exclusively from Tahiti. When you see someone wearing our dresses, you’ll automatically know that it’s a Tiare Teiti design. The fabrics that we enjoy using here at Tiare Teiti is voile and crepe because it complements a woman’s figure. We will be employing the use of silks in the very near future.